Wednesday, March 06, 2013

The Five Worst UX Mistakes Websites Make

The user experience of websites has improved by leaps and bounds over the years, but we still run into sites that make us ask, “What were they thinking?!” By UX Magazine

Monday, February 25, 2013

100 Best Web Design Blogs

Over the past 10 years there have been hundreds and possibly thousands of new web design blogs launching online. A small handful of these blogs are still online today, and an even smaller number are still publishing great content. Moving into 2013 it seems like a good idea to dig into the design industry and collect some of the best resources for helpful information. By DesignMag

Friday, February 22, 2013

Yahoo! redesigns

New Yahoo!

When Marissa Mayer jumped ship at Google to take over the reigns at the web’s second biggest name in search, no one doubted she had a job on her hands. By Web Designer Depot

There’s More to Drupal Than a Steep Learning Curve

Drupal has always been given the position of a CMS that’s best for big, complex websites – one that can only be used by highly technical people. But all that’s changing rapidly. By Pixel Crayons

Responsive Web Design for Magento Store and Its Significance

Magento, with its swashbuckling features and unique nature, is proved to be the backbone of most ecommerce websites nowadays. While most believe it is the outstanding performance of the Magento which speculates it from other platforms, many fail to take into account the designing factor. By Desizn Tech

Usability Vs. Aesthetics: The Right Mix

Beautiful Web Design

Website usability is as important as its aesthetics. These two concepts should complement each other, but sometimes web designers just focus on the looks and the appeal of the website without considering its usability. By Desizn Tech

16 Tips for a Better Website

Want a better website and don’t know where to start? Or, do you think your website changes are out of your control? By WDL

How Behavioral Targeting Works with eCommerce

Behavioral targeting should sound familiar if you have been an avid eCommerce trend follower for some time. But, What exactly it is? By Andy Sowards

Designing an Accessible Site Without Losing Your Mind

Most designers think of creating accessible content as something that will take weeks of exaggerated tagging, designing tab-browsing and hot keys for every minute function of a site, and writing over-descriptive metadata, so most people just give up and don’t even bother. By Just Creative

Web Design + Psychology = Satisfied Users?

What’s one word people associate with web design? Some may say creativity. Creativity is often described as “making something that has value”. That’s one definition. Another one is “recognizing ideas and concepts and using them in solving a particular problem.” By Just Creative

9 Of The Best Ways To Present A Website To A Client

Mock Up - Courtesy of _Marcel_

The design phase of creating a website is fairly standard for most web designers however when it comes to presenting the mock up to a client before slicing / coding the design, some problems do arise so I went out and asked the community about how they present a web site design to a client. By Just Creative

How To Make Your Next Website Design Pop

Web design is one of those areas that when done right, you know it. It looks polished, refined and generally, just well done – it pops! By Just Creative

7 Facts and Myths of HTML5

HTML5 Gloves

As Opera evangelist Bruce Lawson puts it, “Everyone’s talking about HTML5”. It’s perhaps the most hyped technology since people started putting rounded corners & gradients on everything. In fact, a lot of what people call HTML5 is actually just old-fashioned DHTML or AJAX. Mixed in with all the information is a lot of misinformation. By Just Creative

Web Design Tips & Advice from A to Z

Web Design Tips - A
A nice list of tips when designing your web site. By Just Creative

10 SEO Rules for Designers

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is a vital component of any website. As a web designer or blogger, it’s important you understand how SEO works. Here are ten easy rules that will immediately improve the SEO on all of your web sites. By Just Creative

9 SEO Tips You’ve Probably Forgot About

SEO Spider Web - Photo by Bansidhe

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) has, as most of you probably know by now, become one of the most important elements when setting up a website. By Just Creative

Eight ways to avoid common website mistakes

Elephant Photo

Everyone has a website these days, but not every website is equal. As the online environment becomes ever more crowded, you don’t just need to have a website, you need to have an outstanding website. In pursuit of the perfect page, here are some of the top web design mistakes to avoid. By Just Creative

How to Effectively Pitch Your Website Idea to Designers & Developers

The following post will take you, step-by-step, through the creative process. And once you go through it, you’ll hand your prospective designers everything they need to get started. By Just Creative

Agile Development + Content Strategy: An Opportunity or Headache?

Agile is not the latest marketing craze or trendy buzzword. Its origins date back to the 1970s, in the field of software development. Thousands of successful titles have been built with agile methodologies. By Experience Matters

Create Favicons Online With These 5 Useful Tools


Favicons are to websites what bread and water is to human beings: essential. They’ve been around long-since and will still be when we all have perished. By Noupe

Responsive Design vs. Mobile Sites vs. Native Mobile Apps: Which One’s the Best?

Boston Globe

With constantly changing trends and a five fold increase in mobile Internet users, more and more companies are aiming to create sites which will make their services available to mobile users. By Vandelay Design

5 Keys of Successful Logo Design


The best logos make an impact. They are memorable and they instantly evoke images of the brand with which they are associated. By Vandelay Design

25 Awesome Websites for Unique Businesses

Designed to Move

Now that nearly every business in every niche and industry is online these days, it can be difficult for even the highly unique businesses to stand out. Small businesses have a need to be highly innovative and original to really draw in loyal clients, and one way to be innovative is with your brand elements, including your website. By Vandelay Design

Building a jQuery Sticky Sidebar Navigation Menu

There have been countless efforts in creating a dynamic set of codes for sticky sidebars. Most commonly this effect is used on blogs or magazines with fixed social media sharing badges. By Team Tree House

Build a Simple Website

Smells Like Bakin' is a cupcake company in need of a website. This project will walk us through the basics of HTML and CSS from the very beginning. HTML and CSS are the structural and presentational building blocks of every website and will serve as the foundation for any web project. By Team Tree House

What is HTML5?


In this Quick Tip, Nick Pettit provides an overview of HTML5, including a look at some of the new tags now available to designers and developers. If you want to learn how to take advantage of all the new features of HTML5, this video is for you! By Team Tree House

Adding Motion into Web Design with Animate.css

Lots of frontend web developers have been getting interested in dynamic interfaces using motion effects. This is all too common with many advancements within popular JavaScript libraries. But there has also been a lot of interest in CSS3 animated effects. By Team Tree House

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Magazine design principles applied to web design

A lot of principles of magazine design and layout are easily transferred to the world of web design. Some of these are pretty obvious, while you may have overlooked others. But really, it’s all about good design transcending medium. By Web Designer Depot

20 typographic websites

Typography matters, whether it’s used to make reading easy, or whether it’s used to add some decoration. It’s becoming easier and easier, with better technologies, for designers to utilize great typography in their website designs. By Web Designer Depot

How to speed up your website load times

Do you want your website to load blazing fast? This article will teach you how to make your website load faster than you ever thought possible. By Web Designer Depot

The S.M.A.R.T. User Experience Strategy

Product detail page wireframe.

Tips on how to be S.M.A.R.T. when redesigning a website. By Smashing Magazine

What Is Responsive Web Design and What You Should Know About It [Infographic]

The key benefit of a responsive web design over a non-responsive web design is that it can be viewed anywhere, on any device with an internet connection (a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, etc). Thus, if you build a website you’d better make it responsive so it can easily adapt to different screen sizes and therefore be accessible to a wider audience. By Crazy Leaf Design

Understanding Minimalist Website Design

An example of minimalist website design

When setting out to create a new website, you have to consider the design style that makes the most sense. Is it for a small business, a band, a non-profit, a special event or something else? Who do you expect to visit your website, and what appeals to them? By Crazy Leaf Design

8 Things to Focus Upon to Create User Friendly Website Navigation

Website Navigation

Most of the internet users are losing their patience when they surf in certain websites which offer difficulty of producing relevant information. This is the main problem for most website designer who failed to acquire sufficient traffic. By Crazy Leaf Design

8 Valuable Practices for Your Mobile E- Commerce Website

New technologies have been introduced for the comfort of online users. This advancement in mobile websites has raised many new challenges also. By Crazy Leaf Design

Create 3D clouds in CSS

3D Clouds

This tutorial will show you how to use 3D transforms in CSS to create sprite-based realistic 3D clouds. By Crazy Leaf Design

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Stop designing for screen width, design for content

When choosing your breakpoints, you should always be making your decisions based on where the content breaks and not to device screen widths. Instead of creating a design and then modifying it to fit the iPad screen comfortably, you should find out at what width your content starts to struggle. By Webdesigner Depot

Lessons We Learned from our biggest UX and design mistakes

Tips on utilizing smart design when building your website.  By Six Revisions

Designing an Open-Source iPhone game

Hello Bridges level

This article is the first in a series that will walk through iOS programming using this game as an example. By Smashing Magazine

Why Responsive web design has to win out

Quartz's menu is hidden and hinted at on small screens.

When considering a mobile Web strategy and weighing responsive Web design against a separate mobile website, the most important metric is how functional the website is for the user. By Smashing Magazine

iOS Prototyping With Adobe Fireworks And TAP (Part 3)

TAP Build Panel

Final series of iOS prototyping with Adobe Fireworks and TAP. By Smashing Magazine

iOS Prototyping With TAP And Adobe Fireworks (Part 2)

iPad Rotation - TAP supports both landscape and portrait orientations

Part 2 of iOS prototyping with TAP and Adobe Fireworks. By Smashing Magazine

iOS Prototyping With TAP And Adobe Fireworks (Part 1)

Cooper: four stages of solution evolution

One of the strengths of Adobe Fireworks lies in its ability to produce basic-level prototypes in HTML format for the purpose of sharing concepts, evaluating them and conducting usability tests. By Smashing Magazine

Your website has two faces

When a user interface—intended for human consumption—reflects too much of a system’s internals in its design and language, it’s likely to confuse the people who use it. By A List Apart

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What to expect from a content strategy process

Content strategy is the most important part of your project. It is where you plan what to put into the website, trade publication, brochure, catalog, fifty foot outdoor advertisement, or whatever. By Bio Agency

Monday, February 11, 2013

Responsive Web Design vs Adaptive Web Design


So, ‘adaptive web design’ and ‘responsive web design’ are the latest buzzwords of social media industry. But many of us are still wondering what the real deal is about and what does it all mean? By Graphic Design Blog